Diabetes Free Review 2017 : Does it Really Work?

Diabetes – a disease that has shocked the world with its widespread reach and its catastrophic effects.It may come as an astonishment to some but as per the latest reports, as much as 29.1 million people in the U.S are suffering from this disease and 8.1 million of those are still undiagnosed & oblivious of their condition.

With eadiabetesch day passing, the disease is reaching a new person making him / her diabetic for lifetime. The term ‘lifetime’ is used because they say there is no exact cure to diabetes. Most people associate diabetes with just something that takes you off from sugar.

But has it just refrained itself to that? Well, it turns out that it is way more than that. Something that has the potential to turn as dreadful as you can imagine.

What if someone tells you that there is a program which can make you go diabetes free? It either sounds like a trick or some witty humour. But Dr. David Pearson has managed to finally come up with a product that can get rid of diabetes and lets you live like any normal person around.


Diabetes Free eBookYou see a milkshake, think of drinking it and you actually drink it. The story doesn’t follow the same way in case of a diabetic. But won’t a diabetic want the same liberty to eat whatever he feels like? Dr. David Pearson, a renowned health expert & a medical researcher came up with this idea of ‘Diabetes free’ as an ultimate solution to the disease.

Dr. Pearson spent years in research of insulin production and diabetes and finally arrived with an efficacious solution to the issue. ‘Diabetes Free’ is an e-book that guides people to reverse the diabetes permanently with all the natural elements. As per his analysis, he states that it is important to lead a healthy lifestyle and for that, the main ingredient stays a balanced diet. If you’re following a perfect diet plan excluding toxic acidic substances then that aids to removal of elements that leads to diabetes development.

Our lifestyle has turned such that we are massively dependent on processed foods. That, in turn affects us adversely. He further informs that insulin is considered as the best glucose regulator but that is just a myth. Via this program, he helps identifying natural foods and recipes which are free from gluten.

Dr David PearsonDiabetes Free offers certain diet plans and lifestyle changes which may lead to eliminating gluten from your diet. Basically, the idea is to encouraging the body’s natural production of insulin. There are techniques given in the e-book, which helps boosting the natural insulin levels.

It makes sure that your prescribed diet eliminates the unsafe acids from the body as these may lead to damage pancreas. The program offers you a lifestyle guide that helps you improve on your health habits and encourages eating healthy stuff without compromising on taste. It boosts the metabolism and the immune system of the body.

The program comes in three sections which helps diving your routine activities into different phases.

The first phase asks you to get rid of the regular food habits that includes high carbohydrates like chocolates, bread, rice etc. It ensure that you don’t stay hungry due to this and hence prescribes a three-time mean in a day with two snacks. By the time, you reach the second level, you’ll have that control over you in context of the food habits.

At level two, you’ll be instructed to take certain vitamins would be beneficial for blood sugar levels. At the last level, you’ll overcome the food temptations completely and will recover with confidence. You can now try your hands at different food items without letting them harm you.


This program requires patience and is in no way an instant way or some overnight diabetes cure. If you wonder that buying the program would end up making you Diabetic free, then you’re expecting just too much.


  • Foot Miracles – It is all about proper blood circulation. This particular program in the e-book significantly helps in improving your feet’s blood circulation and guides you the measure for how to prevent common diabetic foot  issues from neuropathy to infections.
  • Breathe In To a new life – It’s all about right breathing. The right breathing techniques helps in avoiding severe diseases like cancer. It comes from regular practices of Yoga and breathing exercises.
  • 27 Desserts – Dr. Pearson offers a special section named 27 desserts which contains recipes that you can enjoy without worrying about the fear of messing up with the blood sugar levels. He states that these recipes are a result of various researches by qualified dietitians.
  • The e-book helps you by suggesting a step-by-step program specifically dedicated for what you are supposed to eat and you should totally neglect.
  • The contents of the e-book suggests detoxification methods which heals up pancreas and get rid of acids from the system.
  • The program works on the basis of the fact that elimination of gluten can lead to considerable drop in the blood sugar levels.
  • The e-book is perfect for the people who have recently been diagnosed with the disease.
  • It welcomes you to a new lifestyle and adds to the immunity of the body.
  • It educates people about the basics of their diet constituting protein, vitamins and healthy fats.
  • It makes sure that people inculcate healthy food habits and exercises into their routine and lessen the carbohydrates’ quantity.
  • With diabetes, it also helps people to attain the right weight. It makes sure that you achieve your desired weight and control blood sugar as well as the cholesterol levels.
  • The program ‘Diabetes Free’ by Dr. Pearson hasn’t just received acclaims from the people who benefited from it but also many dietitians and doctors have appreciated this effort.

Diabetes Free Video


  • Simplicity – The program comes in an easy format which is very simple and hence quite easy to understand. Although it is written by a medical professional but the language used is such that a layman can grasp it easily.
  • The techniques given in the program are easy to implement. The program comes with instructions which helps in easy and convenient implementation of the given diet plan.
  • The program is result oriented. People have tried it and are ready to vouch for it. The system is testified and is easy to implement. The author claims that the results would be visible in merely 14 days but as per people who have used it, they say it works effectively but the time taken is at least 4 weeks. So, keep the patience for four weeks and you’ll get the desired results.
  • It also contributes in improving the overall quality of life. With diabetes being a prominent part of your life, every bit of your life is affected. The effects don’t just restrict them to health but also the social life gets affected too as stress leans you up. With the program ‘Diabetes Free’, you can retain your old self and look forward for life.
  • Usually, diabetics have this issue of confining themselves to a particular set of food items and countless medications. With this program by your side, you won’t have to bother much about the medications and restricted food menus. You’ll have the freedom to choose.
  • It encourages the practice of healthy food habits. It prescribes to you perfectly healthy and natural food which won’t lead to any side effects and would only add to your benefits.
  • Diabetes is believed to have no cure. This program discards it and provides a holistic and legitimate approach towards the disease. With the diet plans prescribed, you are probed to attain the healthy food habits which indirectly keeps the sugar levels under control and proves itself to be a permanent solution.
  • Not just diabetes, it helps you to decrease the risk of other fatal chronic diseases that may occur due to diabetes.
  • The product comes with a 60 day refundable policy. If you don’t get satisfied with the results of the course then you are entitled to a 60-day money back refundable guarantee. The program takes a few weeks in showing its effects and it is only fair to give a shot since there is no risk involved whatsoever.
  • It is cost-effective. Generally the people suffering from diabetes spend a hefty amount on its medications, injections etc. But with the diabetes free program, you just have to invest comparatively a very small amount of money. Also, the other options provide the solutions for short terms and all the symptoms tend to come back.
  • Above all, it makes the patient come back to life with the same pre-diabetic zeal and enthusiasm.


  • The fact that the program comes in a digital format creates bit of apprehension in users. It is difficult to make people trust that following the instruction from an e-book can help them change their lifestyle.
  • It works only for the type -2 diabetes patients. Although it helps in the type-1 diabetes too but the program has been designed for specifically type-2 diabetes.
  • Results vary person to person. Some may see the effects in just a few days and for some, it may take a few weeks too.
  • You can’t expect overnight miracles with this program. You just got to put up with your patience and the desired results will be achieved.

Final Verdict

Yes. It is a must go for. The fact that it offers to inculcate a completely natural and healthy food habits and therapies, there are absolutely no side effects. Hence, it is safe to follow the program. It doesn’t let you to go through those terrible medications, injections or therapies. The program offers simple and easy to carry out techniques, exercises, diet plans and remedies which are purely natural.

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The changes and improvement in health is noticed over a period of a few weeks. All it takes is a little patience and you’ll see substantial changes in your life.

The program is worth it. Give it a shot.

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